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Academy Sports + Outdoors Teams Up with the Sun Bowl Association Putting on Another Successful Soccer Tournament June 9, 2016

Academy Sports + Outdoors Teams Up with the Sun Bowl Association Putting on Another Successful Soccer Tournament

EL PASO, Texas – The Sun Bowl Association teamed up with Academy Sports + Outdoors to host yet another successful international soccer tournament in El Paso, Texas, Saturday and Sunday, June 4-5.

This marked the 17th year for the Academy Sports + Outdoors Sun Bowl International Soccer Tournament, which took place at the West Side Soccer Complex. There were 145 teams that participated in the tournament with ages ranging from 6-years-old to 19-years-old. Of the 145 teams, 37 of them came from outside of El Paso, with 20 of them coming from New Mexico, two from Lubbock, one from Odessa and 14 from Mexico.

“This tournament continues to provide a great soccer experience, not only for El Paso youth, but also for teams that come from the Southwest and Mexico,” Sun Bowl Association Executive Director Bernie Olivas said. “We were able to host approximately 1,900 kids and allowed them to play the sport that so many in this region love. Seeing the kids having fun and their families out there showing their support is what makes this such an amazing event.”

There were 15 separate divisions on the boys’ side of the bracket and six divisions on the girls’ side. Bros Academy from Juarez, Mexico won the highest level bracket, U19, defeating High Noon United, which traveled to El Paso from New Mexico. El Paso’s Team Mexico defeated the Alameda Outlaws of New Mexico in the finals of the U18 bracket for the girls. A complete list of winners can be found below.

Head Coach of the Chivas Frausto U6 team, Jesus Frausto, sent an email to the Sun Bowl Association with high marks about the tournament.

“On behalf of the Chivas Frausto U6 players and parents, we want to thank you for a great soccer tournament weekend. All the staff and volunteers were always friendly and helpful,” Coach Frausto said. “The refs did an amazing job, even the people picking up the trash always had a smile. The volunteers that were at the games always attentive to see what we needed. There were great marks on the fields and overall, everything was great. For what our comment is worth, we were very happy with how well organized the tournament turned out.”

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Academy Sports + Outdoors Sun Bowl International Soccer Tournament – Results/Standings

U10 Gold
1. Altavista F.C. (Juárez, Mexico)
2. Paso Del Norte Real Madrid Vasquez (El Paso)
3. Northeast Soccer Atlas (El Paso)

U10 Silver
1. Paso Del Norte F.C. Black (El Paso)
2. EPCSL Man UTD YSC 2006 Red (El Paso)
3. Hot Shots (Las Cruces, N.M.)

U10 Boys Bronze
1. Paso Del Norte SC United 05/06 (El Paso)
2. EPCSL Elite ’06 Red (El Paso)
3. AYSO Trojans (El Paso)

U11 Gold
1. Dragones (Juárez, Mexico)
2. Northeast Soccer Atlético Español (El Paso)
3. EPCSL Man UTD 2005 Black (El Paso)

U11 Silver
1. Northeast Soccer United (El Paso)
2. Kaos FC (El Paso)
3. PMZ Toluca (New Mexico)

U12 Gold
1. Halcones (Juárez, Mexico)
2. Barcelona Texas Moran 02/03 (El Paso)
3. LBK FC Chelsea 04 (Lubbock)

U12 Silver
1. EP Santos FC (El Paso)
2. United FC Longhorns (El Paso)
3. Storm (El Paso)

U13 Gold
1. Dragones 23 (Juárez, Mexico)
2. Lobos FC (Juárez, Mexico)
3. FC Juarez Bravos Red 04 (El Paso)

U13 Silver
1. SC United M. (El Paso)
2. Northeast Soccer Atlas (El Paso)
3. NECAXA (El Paso)

U14 Gold
1. Indianas F.C. (El Paso)
2. Atlas (El Paso)
3. Bros Academy (Juárez, Mexico)

U14 Silver
1. Rush Sharks (El Paso)
2. Rio Rapids Strikers (Las Cruces)
3. Deportivo Atletico (El Paso)

1. FC United (El Paso)
2. Indians F.C. (El Paso)
3. Knights (El Paso)

1. Wizards F.C. (El Paso)
2. Manchester United Valenzuela (El Paso)
3. Mainz Club (El Paso)

1. Bros Academy (Juárez, Mexico)
2. High Noon United (New Mexico)
3. FC Dallas (El Paso)

1. Cosmos FC (El Paso)
2. Rush Predator (USA)
3. FC Dallas (El Paso)

1. FC Dallas (El Paso)
2. Rush Predator (El Paso)
3. SW Rush Gunners (El Paso)

U14 Gold
1. Texas Outlaws (El Paso)
2. Southwest Rush Predator 02 (El Paso)
3. Vipers F.C. (New Mexico)

U14 Silver
1. Lady Titans (El Paso)
2. Rio Rapids Strikers (Las Cruces)
3. EP Rattlers (El Paso)

1. SW Rush Barcelona (El Paso)
2. FC Dallas (El Paso)
3. Southwest Rush Lady United (El Paso)

1. Team Mexico (El Paso)
2. Alameda Outlaws (New Mexico)
3. Vipers FC (Alamogordo, N.M.)

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