Tuesday, December 31, 2024

Sun Court

Kathryn Goodrich Sun Princess

Kathryn Goodrich

Kathryn Goodrich, daughter of Lisa and John Goodrich, found her passion for agriculture through the borderland’s unique and rich relationship with the business. As a student at the University of Arkansas, Kathryn intends to achieve a degree in Agribusiness on a Pre-Law track with a minor in Legal Studies to serve an industry that is commonly overlooked and underappreciated, with the ultimate goal of helping to end hunger in the United States.

Kathryn solidified her passion for agriculture throughout her years in Coronado High School, participating in the Rocky Mountain Districts and Texas FFA (Coronado High School Chapter; Texas FFA Area 2) as an agricultural advocate. Working with the US Department of Agriculture, Kathryn is participating in a research grant that allows her to make a dent in the food insecurity issues of Northwest Arkansas and has been honored with the title of “Outstanding Incoming Student Award” by the Agribusiness Department.
Her participation in the Psi chapter of the Chi Omega sorority has inspired Kathryn to apply to the 2023-2024 Sun Court to surround herself with like-minded young women who want to challenge their surroundings and better their community.

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