Friday, December 29, 2023

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Sofia Gomez Sun Princess

Sofia Gomez

Sofia Gomez, daughter of Adriana Carmona and Christian Gomez, is currently utilizing her scholarship to Notre Dame to study Sociology, Film, Television and Theatre, as well as Latino Studies with a minor in Digital Marketing.

Sofia is a Transformational Leaders Program Scholar and a Questbridge Scholar who is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s highest academic achieving FGLI students, receiving a full-ride scholarship to Notre Dame.

As a graduate of Andress High School, Sofia perceives living in the borderland as living a double life—caught in between the struggles and beauty to be found here. As an aspiring immigration lawyer, Sofia hopes to help people understand the borderland’s intricate culture and growing needs. Sofia volunteers weekly at La Casa de Amistad in South Bend, Indiana, to prepare students for the US Citizenship Exam. Sofia also participated in a study abroad program in Brazil where she participated in serving refugees and underprivileged citizens, and she hopes to apply her experiences while volunteering at Las Americas here in El Paso. The stories she learns from the people she helps further drive her passion for humanitarian equality and reform through community outreach and legal initiatives.

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