Friday, December 29, 2023

Sun Court

Lailani Chehedeh Sun Princess

Lailani Chehedeh

Lailani Chehedeh is the daughter of Affifi Chehedeh and Marisela Baca. Lailani is a graduate student at the University of Texas at El Paso pursing her master’s in Speech Language Pathology. Lailani graduated from Burges where she was named the All-Burges Girl in 2019 and received multiple scholarships including the UTEP Advanced Early College Graduate Scholarship, EPISD Scholarship, and the El Paso Community Foundation Scholarship. Lailani graduated Cum Laude from UTEP in 2021 with her bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Sciences with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. Lailani was inspired to pursue a degree in Speech Pathology after her own struggle with speech development at a young age. She grew up understanding the uniqueness inside us all and the beauty behind containing different strengths. Lailani believes being a Sun Princess represents more than just a title, it exemplifies characters and sowing oneself in all respects from being a model of good works, integrity, dignity, and a reflection of the diversity that our beautiful city portrays. Lailani states, “El Paso to me represents more than just a city but rather a family. From the vast Franklin Mountains to the Rio Grande, the culture that I live in is like no other and what I value most. The culture of El Paso has instilled the values that I am most proud of today, such as being proud of where you come from, always working hard, and most of all loving others as yourself.”

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