Friday, December 30, 2022

Sun Court

Paulina Castaneda Sun Princess

Paulina Castaneda

Paulina Castaneda is the 21-year-old daughter of Felipe and Marcela Castaneda.

A Franklin High School alumna, the Creative Writing major at the University of Texas at El Paso is also pursuing a minor in Secondary Education. Paulina hopes to shape the minds and lives of future students by following her dreams of becoming an English or writing teacher at the high school level.

Paulina finds her experiences in Zeta Tau Alpha rewarding in many new friendships and in the leadership positions she has found herself in, such as serving as her chapter’s Sunshine Chair in 2019. This title allowed Paulina to take on the responsibility of recognizing the achievements of her sisters and making their birthdays even more special with fun activities. In the fall semester of 2020 Paulina served as her chapter’s secretary, which she describes as the hardest position she had been placed in so far, noting how the responsibilities taught her about not only organization and accountability but to be comfortable with confrontation when necessary.

2021 proved to be a new beginning for Paulina when she started a small business called La Picosita, where she sells homemade salsas passed down from generation to generation. La Picosita has been featured on Telemundo 48 and business has been booming since the segment. You can find Paulina at the farmers market on weekends, sharing the tradition of family and culture with the El Paso community.

Paulina believes that participating in the Sun Court as a Sun Princess would be culturally rewarding as a chance to be more involved with El Paso and its people. With her work at La Picosita, Paulina believes she has been able to get to know her community better, but states, “i feel that i can do this more while being in the Sun Court. I want to show people how wonderful and amazing El Paso can be and being a Sun Princess will allow me to do that.”

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