Monday, December 31, 2018

Sun Court

Lana Hussein Sun Princess

Lana Hussein

Lana Hussein is the daughter of Musa Hussein and Lina Hamdan and is a graduate of Coronado High School. She is currently a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso where she is a Mechanical Engineering major and minoring in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. Her goal is to become a Professional Engineer for a fuel company and work on designs to supply oil and gas to several customers and locations.

At UTEP she intends to enhance her leadership skills, so she ran for elections to become a Senator At-Large and won. She represents approximately a thousand students on UTEP’s campus and is responsible for communicating with the student body and helping to create solutions for students’ concerns. Within the Student Governement Association Lana was the Chair of the Appropriations Committee and was charged with the duty to allocate a total of $90,000 for organizations and students that hosted events or traveled to conferences. She was also the Co-Chair of the EXCEL Freshman Leadership Program and hosted an Etiquette Dinner and created special projects for members to complete. Lana is a part of the Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) Women’s Fraternity as the the Ritual Chairman. She was also the Director of Sisterhood and in the position hosted events that built teamwork, leadership, communication, trust, and sisterly bonds. Lana also had the honor of being UTEP’s 2016 Homecoming Queen. She represented UTEP on TV, on the radio, and at events that she attended. Finally, she joined the University Honor’s Program (UHP) and completed all the credits necessary to gain an Honor’s Degree. Lana has been on the Dean’s List since 2014. She is currently an Engineering Intern at the Texas Gas Service Company. As an Intern she works on new gas designs and structures for buildings and also plans locations and cost estimates for gas meters and gas pipes.

Lana wanted to become a Sun Princess in order to represent her city, to give back to her community by volunteering and being more involved, to inspire and empower others to follow and achieve their dreams, and to inspire herself to reach to higher goals. Lana said that this is truly an honor and would love to make her city proud.