Monday, December 31, 2018

Sun Court

Kira Conde Sun Princess

Kira Conde

Kira Conde is the daughter of Ron and Christi Conde and is a graduate of El Paso High School where she maintained a 4.0 grade point average. Kira is currently a sophomore at the UCLA majoring in Neuroscience and working towards a minor in Cognitive Science. She plans to attend Medical School and become a psychiatrist after graduating and hopes to work toward finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. Kira is currently working at the UCLA Family Health Center in Santa Monica. Kira recently also got hired for an internship with the UCLA Sports Medicine program. She is also am involved in the Resilience Peer Network at UCLA, a program that aims at creating peer counselors to make up for the Universities lack of counseling services. As a peer mentor she spends an hour a week leading a counseling group for anxious and depressed students who could not be helped by UCLA’s counseling services. She also spend an hour a week fine-tuning my peer counseling and Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills so that I may best assist her peers. Lastly, she is on the committee for the Bruin Run/Walk that occurred in April. The run raises money for the Chase Child Life Program at Mattel Children’s Hospital that provides treatment and child life specialists to sick children who are, sadly, forced to live there. Kira mentioned that when she was a little girl, her grandmother Elodia Conde told me about the Sun Court tradition. She also mentioned that truly aspired to become a Sun Princess not only for herself but her grandmother and her community.